Solving problems of fitting with affordable custom size Shirts.

Custom size can be particularly compelling for people who struggle to find off-the-rack styles and sizes that fit. Men's Shirt is all about fitting.




Quality Features of Privee Paris Shirts

Privee Paris Shirts fill the gap of Quality which lacks in the mass market Shirts. International Quality Shirts at Indian Price.

Branded Shirts that Perform Well. Our Shirts last longer due to Quality constructions.

Mother of Pearl Buttons in Dress Shirts

Elegant MOP Buttons

Mother of Pearl Buttons Attached by hands.
Mother of Pearl buttons are a classic detail. An eye-catching element of Designer Shirts. Made from the inner layer of pearl oysters, mussels they have a little more depth of color than plastic resin buttons do.

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Collar Stays in India Online

Collar Stays

Stainless Steel Collar Stays for Men's Dress Shirt.
Collar stays are a small details that make your dress shirt collar points look crisp. The purpose of the collar stays is to keep the shirt collar in place by adding weight and crispness.

Available with 2Ply Formal Shirts only. Can be purchased separately.

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Privee Paris Shirts in Giza Cotton

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What is Giza Cotton? Explained in an easy way.
Not all cotton that is grown in Egypt (or anywhere around the world) is of superior quality. Cotton can be of the short staple (SS), long staple (LS) and extra long staple (ELS).


Quality with Ethics.

Privee Paris Shirts are made with curated Premium Fabric sourced from reputed Brands.
Every material is responsibly sourced. Complete in-house process for High-Quality production. Our aim is to provide World Class Clothing in India.